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TSC Vehicle Tracking Packages Available

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Ideal for motorcycles, commercial and agricultural equipment.

Key Features:

24 hr live GPS tracking.

Access on desktop & mobile app.

User-friendly interface.

History playback in colour coded trips.

Limited report generation up to 7 days.

Customised alerts.

Email notifications.

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Ideal for personal passenger vehicles.

Key Features:

24 hr live GPS tracking.

Access on desktop & mobile app.

User-friendly interface.

Scheduled and live report generation.

Create multiple geo-fences.

Out of hours driving notifications.

Email notifications.

Create individual & multiple points of interest.

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Ideal for all vehicle fleets and for optimal service maintenance.

Key Features:

All TSC Mini Key Features with the addition of:

Vehicle Servicing Tool.

Features include: Service reminders; vehicle history and fitted parts; email notifications for individual vehicle profiles for the ease of fleet management.

Quick view dashboard for all vehicle activities.

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Ideal for assets, equipment, vehicles and security services.

Key Features:

Wireless rechargeable unit. 

Track assets, people and more.

IP67 waterproof unit.

Built-in SOS alarm button for emergencies.

Man-down alert. 

Small size enables easy placement and hiding.

How does a vehicle tracking unit work?

Once we have installed a GPS tracking unit in your vehicle, the unit then has 2 main components - the GPS location component and the GSM (sim card) communication component.

The GPS component calculates the vehicle's position (latitude and longitude) and stores this information in the unit’s memory. The communication component then establishes a connection to our servers and uploads the tracking information, for you to view on our website.

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About TSC Vehicle Tracking

TSC Vehicle Tracking officially launched in 2020 and is part of the TANDEM SERVICE CENTRE (TSC) Group. Our skilled and enthusiastic software developers are Zimbabwean-based, therefore understand the needs of a vehicle tracking package built for Africa. Our tracking software has been field-tested and refined for the past 5 years.

Our products are adapted for both private consumers and business customers alike. This enables users to track the location and manage their assets with their mobile phones and computers, in a simple user-friendly interface. Our tracking software shows the status and use of the asset in many ways: the location, the journey travelled, the speed, amongst many other things.

Our vision is to be the Zimbabwean leader in GPS Tracking Systems by providing our customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions, with excellent customer service.